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Prevention, Our Focus… Painless, Our Goal

Oral Cancer Screenings Implant-Supported Crowns and Bridges
Laser Cavity Detection Bonding and Tooth-colored Fillings
ZOOM Professional Whitening Non-Surgical Gum Therapy
Digital X-Rays Sleep Apnea (Snoring and TMJ Therapy)
All-Ceramic Veneers and Crowns Computer-Assisted Anesthesia
Lumineers Intraoral Camera
Dental Implants  

For One Veneer or a Smile Makeover
LUMINEERS — No-Prep Veneers

With Little or No Removal of Sensitive Tooth Structure!
The Easy Way - for Adults and Teens

These contact-thin veneers are appropriate for all ages. Even teens and pre-teens with chipped, broken, severely stained and, in some cases, crooked teeth can transform their guarded smiles into winning smiles. If you would like to improve your smile the minimally invasive way, call today for a complimentary cosmetic evaluation: 770-888-6285. It will cost nothing to learn how easily LUMINEERS can enable you to have the smile of your dreams!

Painless Anesthesia & Anxiety-free Dentistry
No more syringes, no more pain when anesthesia is called for. “The Wand,” the computer-assisted delivery of local anesthesia, numbs faster and more effectively.

We also offer patients laughing gas and medications to ease anxiety.  Call our office for more information.

Non-Surgical Gum Therapy
Our goal is to keep you away from the need for periodontal surgery. We provide non-surgical periodontal therapy with ultrasonic treatment and the use of antibiotics and herbal rinses.

Digital X-rays & Intra-oral Camera
Our digital x-ray units emit up to 90% less radiation than traditional units.  If the doctor recommends a restorative procedure, the patient can easily see the area of concern at 40 times its actual size and then fully understand the suggested conservative treatment.

Oral Cancer Screening
We provide routine oral cancer screening to every patient at every visit, as part of the exam. This is becoming increasingly important, since oral cancer has a poor 5-year survival rate, and its frequency is increasing, especially among teens.

Oral Health and the Body

Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Sean partner with their patients to maintain excellent lifelong dental health. They are keenly aware how the body's diseases can affect oral health, as well as how poor oral health can affect the body. Their patients, with this support, can make informed decisions.

Laser Cavity Detection/Diagnodent
We want to detect decay before it hurts, and long before conventional x-rays show it. Our laser detection unit finds cavities early enough so we can generally remove the decay without the need for anesthesia. That makes our patients happy; especially the kids, who can return to school without a numb lip and the risk of biting themselves.

Diagnosis is instant, accurate, and 100% comfortable (there is no sensation at all from the laser diagnostic... unlike the "pick"!). Research has shown that because the dental "pick" can't often reach into where the new cavity begins, we (dentists and hygienists) were missing 76% of the most common cavities. See link to Diagnodent on the helpful links page.

Pick Cannot Reach
Diagnodent Sees 2mm
INTO Tooth